Simple ways to spruce up your curb appeal in early spring: 

1.  Plant a container with cold tolerant flowers and place by your front door.  Buy some bulbs that are already sprouting and plant the pot in the middle of your container.  Surround them with pansies, violas or grape hyacinths.  After the blooming these can all be planted in the ground and be enjoyed next year.

2.  For a neat and clean looking lawn lightly rake your grass and edge around the driveway and sidewalk. Aerate and fertilize with a pre-emergent weed preventer.

3.  Cut all ornamental grasses and prune bushes to remove dead growth and for shaping.

4.  Add new mulch to flower beds.  If you live in a high wind area buy the bigger size bark mulch.  Preferably natural mulch.  Keep mulch 6" away from tree trunks to prevent insect damage.

5. Paint your front door with a color that will make a statement.  It can transform how your house looks. And while you are at it if needed change the door knob.

6.  Have all the windows washed inside and out, including screens.  Repair any damaged screens.